Collection "Marquis"

Collection "Marquis"



25 Oct 2021

Enchanting topazes excite the imagination with their radiant beauty. The chic, perfect cut is mesmerizing.


                              Model "Marquis" ring and "Marquis. Josephine" earrings 0005759

The nobility of an elegant sky blue topaz in the "Marquis" ring is ready to conquer your heart forever with its romantic aristocracy. Its magic captivates and captures the spirit with every movement of the hand!
This is the very ring with which your world will sparkle in a new way!


                                                              Model "Marquis" 0005641

The perfect balance between color, shape and content that will become the muse of your style.
Sleek lines and delicate details accentuate your flawless appearance.
Earrings "Josephine" for those who choose exclusive handmade jewelry.


                                               Model "Marquis. Josephine" 0005759

"The best curve in a woman's body is her smile!" - Bob Marley.


                                                      Model "Marquis. Madame's smile"

In earrings "Marquis" you will always look unsurpassed, and your charm is capable of anything!


                                                       Model "Marquis" earrings 0001273