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Every woman dreams of saying “yes” to a beautiful ring for engagement and wedding. Since the opening of its first boutique in Kiev in 2003, the jewelry brand STDIAMOND has created products that glorify the memorable events of life. His diamond rings, enchanting with sophistication and casual elegance, are a true ode to love. The perfect harmony of stylish design and virtuoso jewelry technology creates an inimitable sense of elegance.


Our history

STDIAMOND company was set up in 2003 as a joint Belgian-Ukrainian project headquartered in Antwerp, Belgium. Production facilities of the Company are located in Kiev.

STDIAMOND company owns the copyright of the represented jewelry, it has registered utility model patents and also created, patented and implemented inventions on the methods of making jewelry using modern technologies of jewelry granted with the worlds' level novelty.

Company's' jewelry meets the highest European standards and fully reflects the nature of the Belgian part of STDIAMOND brand. STDIAMOND produces limited edition jewelry and astonishes beauty lovers with its diversity.

The company presents exquisite collections of jewelry and accessories made of precious stones (diamonds, emeralds, rubies, sapphires), gems, enamels, exotic woods. Legend, character, powerful energy, the idea behind the design of each jewel is always very important for creating STDIAMOND collections.

Today, the jewelry brand STDIAMOND is the leader in the Ukrainian market for the production and sale of exclusive wedding rings, and the range of more than 400 models is able to impress even the most sophisticated buyer!

Our jewelry




STDIAMOND wins award THE GOLDEN A'DESIGN in category "Design of Jewelry and Watch Products" in the world competition A'DESIGN AWARD & COMPETITION Milan, Italy.