Collection "Queen Elizabeth"

Collection "Queen Elizabeth"



22 Oct 2021

                         Your hands are worthy of the best jewelry! Emerald, citrine, topaz, white gold.


                                                Model "Queen Elizabeth. Elizabeth" 0005567, 0005677

                              The Emerald Kiss is a magical moment when dreams turn into reality.


                                                         Model "Queen Elizabeth. Elizabeth" 0005567

Love to be the center of attention and receive compliments? With jewelry from the "Elizabeth" collection, admiring glances will be directed only to you!


                           Model "Queen Elizabeth. Elizabeth" ring 0005567 and earrings 0005693

“Elizabeth” is a must have in every stylish fashionista's jewelry box. It will perfectly complement the look, and bright citrine in yellow gold will fill your individual style with fresh notes and grace!


                         Model "Queen Elizabeth. Elizabeth" earrings 0005678 and ring 0005677

Unique - golden hue of citrine, letting the rays of the sun pass through itself, excite the imagination with their radiant beauty in the "Elizabeth" earrings


                                              Model "Queen Elizabeth. Elizabeth" 0005678