26 Oct 2021

An Orthodox pectoral cross with the crucifixion of Jesus Christ is an ideal gift for Baptism and a loved one.


                                              Model "Stormy peace" 0003530 and 0005536

                               The iconic model of the "Outstanding" cross is a timeless value.


                                                      Model "Outstanding" 0001220

Orthodox pectoral cross made of valuable Cameroon wood Eben, inlaid with the crucifixion of Jesus Christ from gold.


                                                                   Model "Cross with ebony"

"Twice Beautiful" is both an impressive gift and a successful purchase. This is the very case when purchasing one cross, you end up with two pieces of jewelry!


                                                   Model "Twice beautiful" 0005724

                            Austerity, elegance of black and white, inlaid with diamonds.


                                                              Model "Bell" 0001221


                                                             Model "Goddess of love"

A cross with precious stones is a universal status adornment that will always be relevant!
At your request, you can combine various stones and gold colors in this model. Use the opportunity to create your own style with the STDIAMOND team and make your jewelry dreams come true!


                                                            Model "Olga" 0001824

In the modern world, crosses are often used not only for religious purposes, but also as decoration. Such accessories are rather called cross pendants. They differ from religious ones in that they do not have the image of a crucifix, but only repeat the cruciform shape. There is no need to hide such beauty under clothes: these jewelry can and should be demonstrated.


                                                    Model "Heart of Jesus" 0001205