Jewelry for men from STDIAMOND

Jewelry for men from STDIAMOND



24 Nov 2021

The "Tank" collection for a real man from STDIAMOND jewelers.


                                   Model "Tank. Indestructible" 0003452

"Apollo's Staff" made of precious Cameroon wood Eben, inlaid with gold is an ideal gift for a loved one.


                                        Model "Staff of Apollo" 0005700

Gladiator's spirit as a symbol of courage, bravery, freedom and honor in the "Gladiator" bracelet. Genuine leather cord with noble silver.


                                            Model "Gladiator" 0005575

Triumph of naturalism, exotic Tigerwood, inlaid with diamonds. 


                             Model "Staff of Apollo. Milky Way" 0002057

Cufflinks are one of the few pieces of jewelry that a man should wear decently. Therefore, giving them is a great idea.


                                        Model "M&B" 0003728

Cufflinks with a symbolic image of the royal lily for strong and courageous men, they fit perfectly into the everyday look, emphasizing the status and sense of style.


                                        Model "The Royal family" 0005703