Jewelry with large gems

Jewelry with large gems



13 Oct 2021

Legends are made about the beauty and magic of sapphire, the stone of kings, it is loved for its powerful energy and character. Sapphire jewelry is always a welcome gift!
Ring "Passionate Voice".
Sapphire 2.22 ct, diamonds, gold.


                                                           Model "Passionate voice" 0002690

The royal beauty of sapphires gives a special charm to everything that she does not touch. The classic, laconic design of jewelry looks luxurious when His Majesty Sapphire is the center of attention.


                                    Model "Fairy tales of the world by Charles Perrot. Fairy gifts" 0003132


                                                                     Model "Unfimilar female" 0001358

                                   The triumph of grace, elegance and femininity in "Unity" earrings.


                                                                  Model "Unity" 0002173

                              With the "The top of Sunlight" ring, any season will be charming for you!


                                                    Model "The top of Sunlight" 0002154

 Elegance that transcends time ... Ring "Fairy tales of the world G. H. A . The Little Mermaid"


                                      Model "Fairy tales of the world G. H. A . The Little Mermaid"

The ring is one of the most popular jewelry designed to emphasize the grace and elegance of women's hands. Correctly selected, it is able to cheer up the owner and draw admiring glances from girlfriends and from the opposite sex.
And yet, the shape of the stone's cut "oval" visually makes the fingers longer!


                                            Model "Fairy tales of the world Charles Perrault"